The Beginning of a New Chapter

Updated: Jan 28

I’ve been writing for fun since I was a kid. I’m pretty sure one of the first things I had written was a comic book for my nonexistent comic company. I didn’t know ANYTHING about the process and so I took a few pages of computer paper, folded them in half, used brown tape to hold the spine and started freestyle writing and drawing this monstrosity I called a book. It was horrible in every way imaginable but it didn’t stop me from writing.

I joined the school paper as well as the yearbook staff while also getting my feet wet with my first written songs. I wrote my first album and movie reviews as well as had my first story rejected due to making the equivalent of a word salad with absolutely no structure or theme. Jump ahead a few years and we hit the MySpace/BlogSpot era where I was writing constantly until a hack to my BlogSpot and the rise of Facebook basically deterred my growth. I did continue to write a bit on Tumblr but I never really liked using them as a platform. I’ve since been writing almost exclusively on Facebook with the caveat of not really getting exposure for my words beyond my friends list. It’s cool for your friends to like your stuff and get feedback but growth requires a wider audience.

I sat on the idea of getting my own site until a couple of months ago when an old friend told me that I needed to get my own blog instead of just using Facebook. That sparked the creation more than anything…along with my first of a few dismissals of comments on that site. I realized that so long as I’m beholden to the standards of one site then I’ll forever be limited. Facebook can withhold or even delete posts as well as restrict my reach but they can’t stop me on a platform of my own choosing. No, I don’t own the host itself but I bought the domain and site. I won’t be censored or have anything taken down unless I choose to do so. Now my images, my words, my thoughts and my creativity will be in my hands instead of the ownership of another platform that uses me to make money. Now I can try to turn the tables and use them to bring eyes ears over to ME. I believe in myself enough to know that I’m worth something so I might as well take advantage of that and writing has been the most consistent way to get my words to be seen.

Not everyone will listen to my songs, not everyone has time for a video but at some point everyone reads something (why else are we all staring down at our phones?) so you might as well add me to the mix. I’m going to start uploading all the Facebook only posts I’ve written over the years as well as writing some new material. Hopefully soon it’ll all be new material and then I can start the roll out for my first book. Time will reveal.

So sit back and I’ll try to be the least amount of cliché possible. Welcome to Brilliance is Proper with your guide, Brilliance Proper.

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