Ulcerative Colitis, Part 2: The Videos

Updated: Jan 28

For transparency's sake, there was a long blog I wrote to go along with this but while stumbling over files on my computer, I came across something you might find interesting. I used to have a blog some time back on Blogspot and on top of the standard fare, I made videos about my life for my friends. However, I actually recorded, did intros, edits, and added music. That last part makes posting them tricky because I used actual instrumentals from existing songs that weren't mine and so putting them on YouTube would cause problems where it didn't use to be an issue. So instead, I've uploaded them here. If you've got 15-20 minutes to spare (or feel like coming back multiple times so I can get the views) watch these for some background on my journey. These were recorded in March, June, and July of 2009 and actually explain a good amount of what was going on with me at the time.

The first one details my trip to Texas from Tennessee and my thoughts on that.

The next one is from June and goes over what happened with my first job while in Texas and my initial diagnosis for UC. (Special appearance by my then-girlfriend, now-ex-wife and mother of my kids.)

Lastly an update post colonoscopy.

To be continued...